Welcome to Julie Cunningham Color!

Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham Color was established in February 1996 in order to provide a consultant based color and image consulting company to serve the needs of the typical busy, active woman. We are here for all age groups; the working woman, the busy mom, the sophisticated traveler or the newly minted career girl.

Women today need image systems that work in spite of their busy lives. We have an image system for every aspect of the personal appearance spectrum. If you use our systems as instructed, they will work for you. The reason for this fortunate phenomenon is we personalize all our image information based on you.

We have a theory-based reason for everything we say. So we maximize your image strengths and minimize your weaknesses, while presenting you with an organized way to execute the plan. For example, in color analysis class the palette we give you intensifies your natural coloring. In individual style class, the choices we suggest flatter your natural body shape and your recommended clothing personality brings out your inner essence. In makeup class, we use colors that are harmonious to your skin tones, hair and eye color, which therefore create a natural looking result.

We do not stick you in a cookie cutter mold of what is hot right now. We do not give everyone the same exact advice. And the result is anyone, young or old, gorgeous or plain, looks great using our systems. If you do what I tell you to do, you will look great and your appearance will be easier to maintain. I have done all the thinking for you. All you have to do is follow the system.

COLOR ANALYSIS is a transforming process that imparts a radiance and credibility achieved no other way. It is the heart and soul of our system, it is based on strong color theory, and is grounded in the belief that each person is perfect exactly as they are.

MAKEUP is an essential part of an excellent color analysis program and is prescribed based on the same theories of personal harmony. Makeup chosen and applied properly enhances the person and looks natural. The person, the makeup, and the wardrobe create a synergism resulting in a total image enhancement that is achieved no other way. All women can learn to comfortably and beautifully use makeup.

INDIVIDUAL STYLE is a natural progression after color analysis. Style combines the unique personal coloring, physical characteristics, and personality essence of each person in one effective visual package. Each one of us has a wonderful style that is based on our individuality and can be developed using theories of harmony, color, design & personality. Style evolves and improves with age.

WARDROBE DEVELOPMENT SKILLS are integral to a good image and are based both on color theory and personal lifestyle. Dressing well is an art that can be taught, but accurate wardrobe knowledge is seldom distributed as it runs counter to the prevailing retail sales mentality. We remedy this unfortunate situation by teaching practical, personalized wardrobing guidelines.

ACCESSORY SKILLS are the crucial finishing touch to any personal image and give the polish and personality for which we strive. Correct accessories particularly flatter and strengthen the head and shoulders. Accessory skills are based on artistic principles which anyone can master, but few are taught.

IMAGE PROFESSIONALS charge appropriate fees. We are theory based, not product driven, image professionals. We have a reason for every bit of advice we offer our clients, based on principles of design, line, color, shape, and personality type. We charge appropriate fees for the personalized services that we offer.